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Have you considered Hypnosis
but need answers to questions?
The following are the most commonly asked questions and answers:
"Can anyone be hypnotized?" YES.
Hypnosis is a natural tool allowing alignment of purpose and resolution of life's
conflicts. Everyone can be hypnotized,10% attain the state quickly and easily the rest
will enter hypnosis with varying levels of intervention. The easy 10% of people will be
hypnotized deeply,as seen in many stage performances. The deep trance
phenomenon is not needed for successful clinical therapeutic purposes. Remember,
all levels of hypnosis are conducive to intervention and dealing with your personal
concerns. Everyone can be hypnotized, provided they enter the session willingly.
"Does the Hypnotist have control of my mind?" NO!
During a clinical session the person looks asleep, but is not.  You will be relaxed,
mentally alert and retain at all times a level of awareness to your direct
environment.  Hypnosis is best described as an altered state of consciousness,
a changed state of awareness, concentration and perception.
"What is the difference between Hypnosis and Meditation?"
Meditation is a process with the goal of achieving stillness of mind.  Hypnosis
is a process with the goal of achieving a state of heightened focus and
selective thinking called somnambulism .  In order to achieve a state of
meditation one is typically called upon to "empty" their mind
of all thoughts.  In hypnosis, the body and mind are taken into a very relaxed
state where specific suggestions are given which in turn helps the client
achieve their specific goals.
"Is Hypnosis in your office like stage
shows where people do funny acts?"
NO!. Although similar hypnotic techniques are
used, in a clinical setting the client's welfare is
the sole focus of each session and is geared
towards helping you with targeted goals.
Stage hypnosis is a "show" where people
perform acts used to entertain an audience.
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